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Please fill out the offer form only if you cannot find the route you are looking for on our website. You can create a ride request form with just a few clicks. It only takes 2 minutes to create the transfer request form. Taxi transfer request submissions are usually responded within 2 up to 12 hours.

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How to get a taxi transfer quote?

Please fill out the offer form only if you cannot find the route you are looking for on our website. At, we provide private airport transfers, transportation from the airport to the hotel or from the hotel to the airport, transportation by minibus or tour buses, and private taxi transfers from the city to the city. You can use our offer form to get a transfer price quote. Before using the offer form, you can see the transfer prices by searching for the route you want to receive transfer service on our website. Worldwide, over 100,000 routes are registered in our system. You can probably find the route you are looking for on our website. Prices are fixed. If you can view the price detail page for a route, you don't need to get a price quote for the same route. You can book directly on our website without asking us. If you could not find the route you are looking for on our system, the route may not have been added to our database yet. You can ask for details and get a price quote by filling out the offer form.

Our transfer services are charged per vehicle. It takes as little as two minutes on average to get a transfer quote. All you have to do is fill in the required fields in the "get offer" form and send the form.

In this article, we will tell you step by step how to fill out the transfer quote form.
First, the name and surname of the person who made the transfer reservation should be written. It is sufficient to write the name of only one person who receives transfer service. You do not need to write down the names of everyone in your group. Taxi transfer prices are per vehicle. The number of people does not affect the transfer price. However, each vehicle has a capacity of one person and the capacity of the vehicle should not be exceeded. Person capacities of our vehicles are stated on the "transfer reservation" page. In the number of people section, you must specify how many people will use the transfer transportation service. Please note, each child counts as a passenger, regardless of age. If you are traveling with children, be sure to include the number of children in the total number of passengers.

In the next step, you must specify the boarding place or the starting point of the transfer. If the starting point is an airport, simply write the name of the airport. After you have determined the starting point of the journey, you must write the ending point or the full address of the journey. The transfer date indicates the start date of your journey, and the transfer time indicates the starting time of your journey. Determine the transfer start date and time from the offer form.

After determining the transfer date and time correctly, you must write your e-mail and phone number. Make sure you type the e-mail address correctly. When responding to your offer form, we will send our response to the e-mail address you specified. Be sure to write the telephone number correctly, together with the area code, for communication in case of emergency. Your personal information is safe. never sends offensive e-mails or calls your number. We will only use your contact information when necessary regarding your transfer or offer.

After you have written all the information correctly, you can write additional messages about the transfer offer or your journey in the "Your Message" section if you wish. After filling in the information, you can send the offer form to us by clicking the "Send now" button. After submitting the offer form, wait for the response from our team. We try to respond to all offers as soon as possible. Response time to offers is usually 2 hours. In some cases, responses may be delayed due to congestion. Please check the e-mail address you specified in the offer form. In some cases, e-mails may end up in the spam box. Please do not forget to check the spam box when checking for a response to the transfer quote.

We will evaluate the transfer price offer you sent and determine the most suitable vehicles for your group. We will send you an email with the transfer price and trip details. You can directly access the transfer reservation page by clicking the link we will send to your e-mail. If you have already submitted a transfer quote form, you can contact our team to learn about the status of the offer or by visiting our support page for more information.

Your Privacy and Security
All reservations you make through our website are 100% secure. Taxiyo never shares your phone and e-mail addresses with third parties or companies. Transfer notification details are sent by e-mail only. You will not receive any annoying SMS or emails from us. Our payment systems are protected by highly secure encryption protocols. Taxiyo does not record or store your credit card information in any way. The information you enter and the payment process is completed between your bank and the payment service. No one, including Taxiyo's employees, cannot access your credit card information. Information such as your taxi transfer details, pickup, and destinations are only shared with your driver.

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