Taxi Service Flow

How does the taxi service work?

Taxi reservations are very simple. The booking stages are broken down into just three easy steps. Set your route, choose your vehicle and complete your reservation. Below we will detail all the stages from the start of a transfer to its completion.

Our transfer services include private airport transfers, taxi service and door-to-door transfer services. You do not need to go through complicated procedures or fill out long, boring and unnecessary forms for your transfer reservations.

In private transfers, routes are usually determined as city names. For example, if you want to take a taxi service from CDG Airport to any hotel in Paris, you only need to set your route as CDG to Paris. Because in private transfers, the price is determined to cover all locations in the selected destination. For example, you do not need to set your route from London Airport to neighborhood A in London. When you set your route from London Airport to London, this includes the A, B, and other neighborhoods in the city of London. Some regions or districts may be located very far from the city. In such cases, region and district names are added to the database by the drivers as a separate route. In such cases, you can localize your search by typing in the name of the county or region.

Searching Transfer Route

You can use the advanced search box to determine your transfer route. The pickup point represents the point where you will connect to the transfer, and the destination point represents the point where the ride will be completed. You can specify the pickup point by typing a city name, airport name or station name. In some cases, stations are not designated as a separate routes. When you search by station name, if it does not appear in the search box, it will be enough to type the name of the city directly. In this scenario, we assume that we want to book a transfer from an airport to any hotel in the city.

First of all, we write the name of the airport where we will start our transfer to the pickup section. When you type the first three letters of the airport's name, a list of airports starting with those characters will automatically appear in the system under the search box. Here we choose the airport.

In the second step, we write the destination in the search box. In this scenario, we only write the name of the city as our destination is any hotel in the city. When we start typing, city names will automatically appear under the search box, just like at the pickup point. From here we choose the city we want to go to. That's it, we've set our route. After this step, when you click on the "Search" button, you will be directed to Taxiyo's page where the price and vehicle list related to your route is found. Searching Transfer Route
How does the <b>taxi</b> service work?

It would be more appropriate to select the names of the starting and destination locations where you will receive transportation service from the list that appears automatically when you start typing in the search box. In this way, you will prevent the problems arising from spelling mistakes regarding the regional names.

Vehicle Selection for Your Ride

Vehicle Selection for Your Ride

When you determine your transportation route and click the "Search" button, you will be directed to a page with vehicles and prices. On this page, you will find information about the duration of transportation, the distance between two points, available vehicles, and prices. Taxiyo private transfer fees are usually determined per vehicle. In other words, the price is determined not by the number of people, but by the type of vehicle you choose. Next to the vehicles, you can find detailed information such as person capacity and luggage. Taxiyo has sedans, minivans, minibusses, and VIP minibusses, tour buses for larger groups, ultra-luxury vehicles for business trips, and elite tours. The brands of the vehicles are written in general, but unfortunately, we cannot offer the opportunity to choose a specific brand for now.

After you determine the most suitable vehicle for your number of people and your needs, you will be directed to the page where you will write your transportation information by clicking the "Make Reservation" button.


A vehicle that is available on your transfer date will be automatically assigned by our system, among the vehicles that comply with the generally specified brand and model and quality standards.

Transfer Date and Time

Transfer Date and Time

At this stage, you should consider the local time and date of the destination where you will receive the transfer service. You can choose the transfer date from the reservation form. If your transfer will start from an airport, you can set your arrival time from the plane as the transfer start time. Your driver will be waiting for you at the airport before your arrival time.

If your journey starts from any point in the city, then you can choose the time you want to start the journey. At the time you specified, your driver will be waiting for you at the meeting point. If your landing point is an airport, when choosing your transfer time, you should also take into account the duration of the journey and the need to be at the airport on average three hours before your flight.

Information of the Person Receiving the Transfer Service

This field contains some information such as the name, surname, email address, and phone number of the person who booked the transportation service. It is not necessary to enter the information of everyone in the group receiving the transfer service. It will be sufficient to write only the information of a person who made the reservation. You should make sure that you write your e-mail and phone number correctly. Details and confirmation of your transfer will be sent to your e-mail address. Your phone number will be used in emergencies or when your driver needs to reach you.

Don't worry, your personal information is kept confidential and is never shared with third parties or companies. You will not receive any annoying SMS or calls from us. Taxiyo is not responsible for the problems caused by the wrong typing of the phone number or e-mail address.

Information of the Person Receiving the Transfer Service
Round-Trip Transfers

Round-Trip Transfers

If you want to reserve the transfer service as a round trip, you should click the "Round-Round" button. The return price is the same as the departure price. For example, when a route with a one-way price of 50USD is selected as a round trip, the price is multiplied by two, that is, the total round-trip price is calculated automatically by the system as 100USD. When you book a round-trip transfer, the point where the driver will pick you up on the return date will be your first destination. For example, when you book a round trip transfer from Barcelona Airport to hotel A, your departure point on your return date will still be set to hotel A by default. If you want your driver to pick you up at a different location on the return date, then you will need to make a different reservation. Let's examine the following example scenario.

A person wants to book a transfer from Amsterdam Airport to hotel A in Amsterdam, but the same person's return route is from hotel B to Amsterdam Airport. In this scenario, this person will need to book two different one-way transfers, from the airport to hotel A and from hotel B to the airport. However, if the return route is from Hotel A to the airport, then he will not need to make two different reservations and it will be sufficient to click the "round trip" button on the reservation page.

Number of Passengers, Child and Baby Seats

The number of passengers represents the total number of people in the group that will receive transportation service. Children and infants are also included in this total number. In most countries, children under a certain age are required to use booster seats or booster seats. These seats have an additional fee of 4USD on average. You can bring your own seat or add a baby seat to your ride by clicking the “child seats” button. The seat fee will be automatically added to the transfer fee.

Number of Passengers, Child and Baby Seats
Payment of Transportation Fee and Completion of Reservation

Payment of Transportation Fee and Completion of Reservation

After you fill in the necessary information about your taxi journey, click the “next” button to proceed to the last step. In this last step, you will be directed to a page where you can securely pay the transfer reservation fee. Taxiyo works with a prepayment system. You must pay 20% of the total taxi transfer fee in advance by credit card. You have to pay the remaining 80% of the transfer fee to your driver when the transfer day arrives.

Where is my driver?

When you successfully complete a transfer reservation, you will receive an email confirming the reservation from us. In this email, you will find transportation details and information about your driver. If necessary, the driver will contact you and call or email you to decide where you should meet when the transfer date arrives. Don't worry, your driver knows what to do. Taxiyo only works with experienced and professional drivers.

When your transfer date arrives, your driver will be waiting for you at the meeting point. Taxiyo is a platform that brings together drivers, transport companies, and passengers. Taxiyo does not follow up on your direct conversations with drivers and companies and is not responsible for any disruptions. As we mentioned above, we only work with experienced and respectful drivers. In accordance with our quality standards, we carefully examine our customer's feedback. Drivers and transport companies that have received more than three negative feedbacks are permanently removed from the system.

Your Privacy and Security
All reservations you make through our website are 100% secure. Taxiyo never shares your phone and e-mail addresses with third parties or companies. Transfer notification details are sent by e-mail only. You will not receive any annoying SMS or emails from us. Our payment systems are protected by highly secure encryption protocols. Taxiyo does not record or store your credit card information in any way. The information you enter and the payment process is completed between your bank and the payment service. No one, including Taxiyo's employees, cannot access your credit card information. Information such as your taxi transfer details, pickup, and destinations are only shared with your driver.

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