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Privacy Policy

What information do we collect and for what purposes

We respect the privacy of our customers and partners with which we work. Please read our Privacy Policy to know what information we collect, disclose to third parties, for what purposes we do it as well as how you can modify, erase, and transmit this data.

In order to achieve the above-mentioned goals, when booking a transfer, we ask you to indicate the following personal data: first and last names, contact phone number, email address, departure/destination addresses. We also automatically collect information about your interaction with the Taxiyo service, in particular, information about the pages you visited or content seen, made queries, created bookings, and other actions on the site, as well as IP address, access time, information about software and hardware, device information, device event information, unique identifiers, fault information, cookie data, and information about the pages you viewed before using the Taxiyo service.

Personal data of other people you provide to us
It is possible that you are booking a transfer not for yourself. Then you, most likely, give us the personal data of another person and make a booking on his/her behalf. In doing so, you are fully responsible for the fact that the person or persons whose personal data you provided are aware of this, understand, and agree with how Taxiyo uses their data (in accordance with this Privacy Policy).

Erasure data
If you want to erasure the consent allowing us to use your data when you access the Taxiyo platform, you can send a request for the removal of personal data by email at Taxiyo Support. After fulfilling your demand for the removal of personal data, we completely and irrevocably anonymize your personal data. Please note that in the case of a request to erasure personal data, the following rules apply: we have the right to partially save your personal data within the legitimate interests of our business, including to combat fraud and improve security; we have the right to store and use your personal data to the extent necessary to comply with legal requirements; the information you gave to other people (for example, reviews, entries on the forums) may remain public even after you erase your data, but the indication of your identity will be erased. Some copies of your information can be stored in our database without any possibility of personal identification; in connection with the implementation of the protection system against accidental or deliberate damage or loss of data, backup copies of your personal data will be erased with a certain delay.


Your Privacy and Security
All reservations you make through our website are 100% secure. Taxiyo never shares your phone and e-mail addresses with third parties or companies. Transfer notification details are sent by e-mail only. You will not receive any annoying SMS or emails from us. Our payment systems are protected by highly secure encryption protocols. Taxiyo does not record or store your credit card information in any way. The information you enter and the payment process is completed between your bank and the payment service. No one, including Taxiyo's employees, cannot access your credit card information. Information such as your taxi transfer details, pickup, and destinations are only shared with your driver.

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