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Benidorm Taxi, our booking process is simple and we have professional drivers that make seamless travel possible. With us, you will be able to find efficient and comfortable rides in Benidorm.

Getting a Taxi in Benidorm

Taxiyo offering a seamless way to get around with our reliable Benidorm taxi services. Setting off to Benidorm, the treasure of Spain’s Costa Blanca, guarantees a trip brimming with stunning beaches, wild nightlife and picturesque sights.

Whether you’re coming to Benidorm by taxi for a long vacation or quick getaway, the significance of convenient and comfortable transportation cannot be stressed enough. Hailing a cab in Benidorm has never been easier thanks to Taxiyo’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Our fleet accommodates all preferences, ensuring that your ride isn’t just a journey but also an upscale travel experience. From when you land at the airport until you leave town again, Taxiyo is dedicated to making your stay easygoing and enjoyable.

Put your trust in us as your guide and transport provider – we guarantee every moment in Benidorm will be unforgettable. With Taxiyo, getting around town by taxi isn’t just moving from point A to B; it’s about embracing the beauty and excitement of one of Spain’s most cherished locales.

Benidorm City

Benidorm, a vibrant city on the eastern coast of Spain, offers a mix of old-town charm and modern skyscrapers that's earned it the nickname 'Manhattan of Spain'.

Famous for its stunning Mediterranean beaches like Levante and Poniente, it draws sun worshippers and partygoers by the thousands. But beyond the sand and bars, Benidorm has enchanting natural parks and lots of family-friendly entertainment options including theme parks and waterslides.

Warm weather year-round, welcoming vibes throughout, there is something for everyone in Benidorm.

Benidorm Taxi Prices

You can expect to pay around €10-15 (US$11-16.50) for a short trip within Benidorm for private transfers. For longer journeys, such as from Alicante Airport to Benidorm taxi (around 45 kilometers), fares can range from €65-100 (US$72-110) depending on the type of taxi (standard or luxury) you choose.

For public taxis:

Flagfall: Around €5 (US$5.50).
Meter rate: Around €1 (US$1.10) per kilometer.

How to Get Around in Benidorm with Private Transportation

With Taxiyo's private transportation services, getting around Benidorm’s busy streets and scenic routes is an experience worth cherishing. Our diverse fleet – which includes luxury sedans, spacious minivans for families and exclusive limousines for special occasions – caters to travelers' every need.

At we prioritize your comfort and convenience, so you can count on all our vehicles offering a seamless journey from start to finish.

Our professional drivers are not just chauffeurs but also ambassadors of the city’s hidden gems. We have handpicked them based on their expertise and knowledge of everything Benidorm has to offer.

With their safe driving skills coupled with courteous service you will quickly realize that your adventure through Benidorm all starts from inside our cars.

The simple booking process at our user-friendly website lets you customize your travel experience ensuring maximum comfort during your stay in Benidorm through any vehicle of your choice: sedan or limousine.

Let us take care of your private transportation in Benidorm so you can focus on making memories.

Public Transportation: A Comprehensive Overview

While Public transport services such as buses and trams conveniently connect all parts of town if schedules or routes clash with yours Taxiyo taxi service has got you covered.

Our taxis cater to those looking for direct personalised journeys. Grab one and enjoy a fast ride to your destination without any stops in between. At you can book a taxi easily and our website merges the reliability of public transportation with the luxury and adaptability of private taxi services.

With our diverse fleet, we cater to everything from swift solo trips to leisurely excursions with loved ones. Our professional drivers have been trained to navigate Benidorm’s busy streets while providing timely advice on local sights as well as ensuring that your travel is comfortable and enjoyable.

We have integrated state-of-the-art booking technology on so getting around Benidorm has never been easier or more convenient before.

Wheelchair Accessible Taxis in Benidorm

We believe mobility should not be a barrier to exploring the beautiful city of Benidorm, so we are 100% committed to providing comfort for all travelers. That's why we offer wheelchair-accessible taxis that allow everyone get around the town independently.

Our accessible vehicles come with modern amenities and safety features that provide a comfortable, secure and dignified journey for passengers who have mobility challenges including wheelchair users.

The site is specifically designed to allow customers to make an accessible taxi reservation without any hassle. You can also be sure that our professional drivers are well-trained and focused on accommodating your specific needs.

They’re great at driving safely, and they’re compassionate, dedicated individuals who want to make sure you have the best experience possible. Our wheelchair-accessible taxis will help you reach all sorts of destinations in Benidorm.

We have a beach, a city center, and some parks that you might find interesting and picturesque! Trust in us so you can focus on making your time in Benidorm unforgettable.

How Much Should You Tip Your Benidorm Taxi Driver?

Tipping is an art that's different for everyone, but we want to help take the guesswork out of it for you while you're traveling with us in Benidorm. While tipping isn't required, our drivers always appreciate when their passengers acknowledge their dedication to providing comfortable transportation experiences.

These professionals are known for being punctual, knowledgeable about driving safety, and friendly — all things that truly represent what Benidorm is about.

Typically, if the service was fine or good enough for you, a 5% - 10% tip should suffice for expressing gratitude towards the driver’s dedication and professionalism.

However, if they go above and beyond by helping with luggage or if they give you insider recommendations or efficiently manage traffic congestion during rush hour — feel free to give them more than 10%! A small gesture like this not only acknowledges their hard work; it also strengthens the relationship between locals and tourists alike.

While booking your ride on with clear fare information available on our site so, there shouldn’t be any surprises regarding prices or tipping expectations!

Whether you leave a tip showing gratitude toward them taking an extra second to drop off your luggage at your destination or just keeping up conversation throughout your journey — know that we appreciate it greatly.

Your gratitude can help turn Benidorm into a place where everyone feels welcome and appreciated.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Booking a Taxi in Benidorm with Taxiyo

Booking a taxi in Benidorm is made easy with Taxiyo. Here’s how you can secure your ride in just a few quick steps:

Searching your route: Open up our user-friendly website by searching for Taxiyo on your device’s browser. Everything is set up to make it as easy as possible for you to get the ride you need.

Choose your service: Whether you’re looking for a standard, luxury or minivan taxi, we have options that cater to solo travelers, couples and families or groups. Make sure that the option fits your needs.

Give us your details: Tell us where we should pick you up and where we should take you once we’ve arrived at your destination. We’ll also need the date and time for your ride so that we can keep everything running smoothly.

Pick out the vehicle: Choose from one of our many car options depending on what kind of trip you’re taking. We’ve got all of them outlined along with details about how many passengers and bags each vehicle can accommodate.

Let us know if there’s anything special required: If you need something like a child seat or wheelchair access, tell us here! It's important to provide all necessary information so that we can ensure everyone has a comfortable journey.

Double check everything before confirming: Before taking you through payment, double check that everything is correct. At Taxiyo, transparency is key so our prices are always upfront with no hidden fees.

Pay for the booking: Finish off by making an online payment using one of our secure platforms like PayPal or Stripe. You’ll receive an immediate confirmation message when it goes through including details about who will be driving you around town.

Sit back and let us do the rest: On the day of your scheduled booking, our driver will pull up to wherever they’re supposed to pick you up from ready to bring you to your destination in Benidorm.

Booking a taxi in Benidorm with Taxiyo isn’t just about getting from point A to point B. It’s about making sure that you start your journey off on the right foot, feeling confident and good vibes only.

Our top priority at Taxiyo is to keep you safe. We understand that when you’re traveling it’s important for everything to go as smoothly as possible. Especially if you’re somewhere like Benidorm where there are lots of people all around. Here’s how we keep you secure during your trip:

Professional Drivers: Our drivers have been hand-selected because they have excellent driving records, know their way around Benidorm and surrounding cities and have high levels of customer service skills. They also undergo regular training sessions so that their knowledge is always up to date.

Well-Maintained Fleet: Every vehicle goes through strict checks every time before it leaves the lot. From ensuring that their safety features are intact to keeping them looking clean and presentable, we’ve got everything covered.

Transparent and Secure Booking: We provide a very simple booking system through our website that allows us to maintain full transparency with customers. You’ll see the price beforehand and will not be hit with any hidden fees later on down the line. We also give you details about who your driver is before pick-up so there's no confusion once they get there.

24/7 Customer Support: Help is always available if you need it whether it’s for an emergency situation or just something small like changing a detail about your booking. We want make sure that this experience is smooth sailing for everyone involved.

Feedback System: After your ride, we want you to give us feedback on how it went. This will let us keep providing high quality service and make sure our drivers are up to par for you!

When you choose Taxiyo for your Benidorm taxi needs, you’re choosing a company that cares about your safety and satisfaction. We spare no expense in maintaining these standards because we believe that a safe trip is the backbone of a good vacation.

Benidorm Sightseeing Destinations by Taxis

People flock from all over the world to see what Benidorm has to offer. From its sun-drenched beaches to the cultural landmarks, Taxiyo’s reliable transportation makes seeing everything this city has accessible. Below is a list of some places you can have a comfortable trip to with us at your side:

Levante Beach: The first stop for many visitors in Benidorm, Levante Beach boasts an electric atmosphere and pristine water. Get dropped off right at the promenade with Taxiyo and spend your day basking in the sea breeze.

Poniente Beach: If you want something quieter than Levante Beach, Poniente is significantly more laid back. Our cabs will take care of getting you there fast so that you can enjoy some peace and quiet while surrounded by Benidorm’s beautiful coastline.

Old Town Benidorm: You’ll find yourself getting lost in the charm of Old Town, which features winding roads lined with traditional Spanish tapas bars and other unique stores. You won’t have any issues finding this spot when using Taxiyo.

Aqualandia: One of Europe’s biggest water parks — it's as simple as that! Booking one of our taxis means less worrying about public transport times and more time having fun on slides.

Mundomar: A marine animal park full of dolphins, seals and parrots — need I say more? Spend the day experiencing wildlife like never before by booking a taxi through us.

The Cross of Benidorm: For travelers with an appreciation for views, the Cross of Benidorm offers some breathtaking ones. Our cabs will take you close enough to their starting point, so even people who aren’t used to walking long distances can make it there.

Terra Mítica: This theme park is inspired by ancient Mediterranean civilizations and packs a ton of thrills. Skip the parking nightmare by booking a ride with Taxiyo!


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How did the passengers get to the Benidorm?

"A friend was coming in to town, and I requested a transfer with Not only was the price cheaper than other websites, but they were literally over an hour early, so they could help me park. The entire experience gave me peace of mind that my friend is going to arrive safe and sound."

"This is an amazing service!! For just "even the cost of the cheapest taxi", Taxiyo will give you private airport transfers to your hotel. They'll even allow you to select a date and time window when they'll come pick you up."

"I had an amazing time traveling in Spain. The site Taxiyo was so easy to use. My driver came right on time, and I got a great price for my ride. I definitely recommend it!"

"I was in Benidorm, Spain and spent hours looking for the best way to get back to my hotel when a friend told me about I must have called 20 different taxi services, but they were expensive or unreliable. Taxiyo is fast, comfortable and affordable."

"We have been thoroughly impressed with the service and quick response we got from Larry and Taxiyo. He was always available to answer questions and help make suggestions before the date of our transfer. The car was cleanly laid out, fully stocked with water and alcohol, and very professional."

"I'm going to Benidorm for a few nights and want the comfort of a private airport taxi. Searching for this service online, I found Taxiyo - a website that provides airport transfers from or to Benidorm."

"The best airport taxi service in Benidorm, only £15."

Benidorm Taxi Services

Benidorm Taxi Services

Benidorm point to point transfer taxi services. Our Benidorm low cost minivan or sedans consist of transportation options priced per vehicle. Taxi prices are determined per route regardless of the number of persons. Our Benidorm transfer vehicle rides are provided by private driver and private vehicles. Public taxis or shared transfer vehicles are not exist. Our Benidorm fleet consists of sedan and minivan style young vehicles under the age of 7. Our vehicles usually have a capacity of 3 to 4 people. Our minivan vehicles have 4 suitcases and our other vehicles generally have a capacity of 3 suitcases. You can immediately book a suitable transfer car in amazing Benidorm using the search box.

Map of Benidorm

Limousine Services

Our Benidorm limousine service operates in hourly periods or as point-to-point transfers. Our luxury, comfortable and private chauffeured vehicles are at your service for your daily trips, business trips or transfer needs. If you are looking for a limousine for point-to-point transfer service in the Benidorm region, you may be interested in our "business" and "Premium" vehicle classes on the route detail pages. Please contact us if you would like to rent a limousine with or without driver for hourly, daily or weekly. Our team will send you the details of the limousine or luxury vehicles that best suit your needs in the Benidorm region as soon as possible.

Benidorm Limousine Services
Benidorm VIP Minibus Transfers

VIP Minibus Transfers

Benidorm VIP transfers, in the Benidorm region, our luxury VIP class minibuses are ready to serve our valued customers, together with their experienced and professional drivers. Our Benidorm VIP minibus taxi transfer vehicles usually consist of highly luxurious and stylish VIP transfer minibuses such as Mercedes Vito, Mercedes V-Class, Mercedes Viano Premium, Toyota Alphard. Our VIP minibuses usually have a capacity of 6 people. You can enjoy your vacation and travel by pre-booking one of our VIP minibuses for your business trips or airport transfers in Benidorm city.

Van and Minibus Transfers

Benidorm minibus and VAN transfers. The vehicles in our Benidorm Van and minibus transfer fleet are generally preferred by large families and friends groups of 7 or more. Especially for airport transfers, minibuses are very advantageous. Groups of more than 7 people usually need to take 2 or 3 taxis for their group. Minibus service is an ideal option for families. Our vans and minibuses are not shared. They are high seat capacity vans and minibuses, which are specially allocated to your family or group of friends with their driver. If you are traveling with a group of 7 people or more, our high seat capacity and luggage capacity taxi transfer minibuses are just for you for your comfort.

Benidorm Van and Minibus Transfers
Benidorm Bus and Tour Bus Services

Bus and Tour Bus Services

Benidorm tour and transfer buses. Are you planning to travel with a large group in the city of Benidorm? My minibus and van options are ideal for groups of up to 7 people and up to 19 people. However, for groups with a capacity of 19 or more, the most suitable option would be to take a tour transfer bus. We have experienced and professional private chauffeured tour buses in Benidorm and its surrounding regions so that crowded groups can travel together. You can keep our tour transfer buses hourly and with a driver, as well as for your point-to-point transfer needs to Benidorm and the surrounding areas.


Request a ride

If you cannot find the results you want, you can create a ride request form with just a few clicks. It only takes a minute to create the claim form. If you still cannot find the transfer route you are looking for or the most suitable service option despite all your searches, you can get support from our team by filling in the necessary information. We would like to kindly remind you that please take care to fill in the information in the form completely. Thus, our team will get back to you with the most accurate information about the service you are looking for and in the fastest way possible. Transfer request submissions are usually responded within 12 hours.

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